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The “AMPL” privilege card gives the card holders certain amenities which are very much desired nowadays by the common man. how many of us love online shopping? It's really very amazing how you get to see millions of products just by opening a single website. No more making blisters in your feet and walking long distances to buy your desired clothing! But think of it in this way – if you get Rs. 5000 reward points on our selected 2500 branded products on every online shopping won't it be awesome? we all have certain health issues in our families which we are not aware of. And sometimes when we do have some, according to us, minor health problems, we overlook it, saying that there's no need to spend money for such a minor issue and all. Well the “AMPL”s thought of this issue. This privilege card allows any one member of the card holder's family or the card holder himself to have a free health check up in a reputed pathological centre in India , so that minor issues would no longer be overlooked!!! the “AMPL” privilege card gives the user and his partner a 3 night 4 days free lodging facility in the selected 50 places of India. If you go to any one of the selected places, you will not need to spend a single penny on your staying, there! it's not the end; this amazing privilege card gives the card holder a complete polo kit, to live on the trends! besides this, the card holder will get extra benefit in hotel booking, recharge, flight booking, and 2% to 20% extra discount on any e-commerce shopping site, through our “AMPL portal”.

Well all these amazing amenities comes with only Rs. 7999/- yearly. It's really a catch, isn't it?